28 Authentic Bengali Dishes For A Limited Period Only At This Restaurant!!

The Bombay Canteen
 has extended its 5th regional Indian collaboration with Iti Misra for home-style authentic Bengali cooked food. Iti Misra is a famous home chef which has trained the staff at The Bombay Canteen for this event.

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This Bengali cuisine has been curated in three different formats:
Canteen Bengali Bhoj- It’ll be an extravagant feast with dishes and drinks tough to find anywhere else. Its curated meal comprises an interesting selection of flavours, techniques and ingredients.
Daily Specials- This is an opportunity for you to experience a host of fun and adventurous Bengali recipes like Muitha Dalna, Horo Gouri, Muri Ghonto & many more which change every 3-4 days!
A La Carte- For this assorted menu they’re exploring some fantastic Bengali dishes which are influenced by the British, Mughals and journeymen. From Mimi’s Chingri Cutlet and Goalondo Steamer Chicken Curry to Mutton Rezala, there is new something to try on every visit. Not to forget some refreshing Bengali inspired cocktails from our bar team like the Aam Pora Margarita & the Bael Sour!

What Else
The Canteen Bengali Bhoj is a sneak peek into an amazing cuisine showcasing unique ingredients sourced straight from Kolkata! With 28 different dishes to try we suggest you make multiple visits.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh aashka.parekh95@gmail.com



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