5 reasons why I don't like Koffee With Karan anymore

Koffee With Karan has been one of the most loved Bollywood talk shows on television. I mean who doesn't like watching Bollywood celebrities talk about their life behind the screen? While I thoroughly enjoyed watching the show in its early seasons, I don't find it entertaining now. Here are 5 reasons why I don't like watching Koffee With Karan anymore.

The show feeds words in the celebrities mouth!
In recent seasons, the show makers learnt that they are making headlines whenever an actor or actress says something spicy. So they started scripting the show in a way in which the actor would say something stupid or spark a controversy. 

The new age actors are just plain boring!
Earlier, Bollywood actors had a persona and pizazz! But the new actors that are making their debuts in recent times are just plain boring. They don't seem interesting at all and are inexperienced when it comes to the film industry. 

Karan Johar chases controversy too much!
Karan Johar is seen taking a lot of personal digs at actors and bringing up dark things from their past. So if an actor doesn't like another actor, they will make sure they bring it up, again and again! But then again, headlines are important!

Traps are laid out for the actors to say something controversial
Because the show basically runs on controversy now, they will form a script to break even the toughest of actors and make them talk. They will set a trap for the actor where he or she HAS to answer a question they are uncomfortable with. 

Because the content is repetitive and Boring!
Since there are no new actors that can fetch the show TRPs, They invite the actors that have previously been on the show. And when you have the same people coming on the show, the content generated is similar to the previous episode. Segments from the show such as Kill Hook and Marry, the coffee quiz all get boring after a couple of episodes!


If the show addresses certain aspects in their script, I'm pretty sure they can put out some good content. Like improving the game segments, introducing more fun activities. And I feel that the show should stop chasing controversial statements and focus on the happier things that are happening in an actors life!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo atharvalobo@gmail.com



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