5 Restaurants Where You'll Find Plain Old Good Food. No fuss!

Fusion foods and Zomato reviews have taken over the food scene in Mumbai. It is at times like this when we must remember the eateries that have been with us before technology took over our lives. Here’s our list of 5 restaurants that never disappoint us.

Nawab Seekh Parantha

First of all, this place serves the best seekh kebabs in Mumbai. YES. Secondly, it serves ONLY seekh kebab and parantha and that’s because they believe in sticking to what they know they’re good at. There’s mint leaves, pudding chutney and sliced onions to accompany your meal. But essentially, your entire meal would be just Rs 60!

Location: Kurla West. Click for directions.
Call: +91 9769170308
Cost for two: INR 200

Shiv Sagar

This place should be called a heritage site by now. This place served fast food even before the fast food chains of the west came to India. Dosas are the thing to eat here, and if you haven’t tried it, you must. They have 9 outlets in Mumbai!

Cost for two: INR 750

Satkar Rice Plate House

Anytime you have a craving for good fish in the city, Satkar is what should come to mind. This place has been around since forever and hasn’t changed its recipes or the menu. People love it for what it has always been, good Malwani and Konkan food preparations. Yumm.

Location: Goregaon East. Click for directions.
Call: 022 26850303 | +91 7506373883
Cost of two: INR 500

Prem's bar and kitchen

This old place in Malad West (near Infinity 2) is run by a Punjabi Family. It’s probably the only place in Mumbai where the ‘chicken crispy’ is actually crispy and not all soggy. All the food that they serve has a very homely vibe. Plus, Prem’s has a brilliant homemade schezwan sauce. This place also has pretty cheap booze.

Location: Malad West. Click for directions.
Call: 022 28819608 | 022 28887776
Cost for two: INR 650


While everyone goes to Bademiya at night, Bagdadi is where they go int he morning. They serve a huge roti that can be easily shared by two people. Their chicken fry is 1 quarter of the chicken, deep fried and it still remains juicy- this beauty is only for Rs. 90. Quantity and quality, two things that have consistently remained high at Bagdadi. This place is open till 12:30 AM.

Location: Colaba. Click for directions.
Call: 022 22028027
Cost for two: INR 400

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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