5 Treats You And Your Dog Can Share

Whenever you eating something, your dog looks at you like he/she hasn’t eaten anything in days. Aren’t you tired of being a bad person? So, the next time you decide to treat yourself, be a good boy/girl and share it with your good boy/girl. Here’s a list of treat you both can eat.


Plain popcorn, preferably no salt or very low salt, air popped (not oil popped). You can add magic Maggi masala powder to your portion. This should be an occasional treat for your dog.
Warning: Popcorn kernels are also a choking hazard and may get stuck in your dog’s teeth, so you should only provide your dog with fully-popped kernels. Save the uber-crunchy pieces for yourself.


Ooo yum! You can boil or sauté fresh shrimp (deveined and de-shelled) till the flesh looks opaque and pearly white. Then set aside a couple for your pupper and add seasoning to your share. You could chop the shrimp into small bite-size pieces, so both of you don’t end up scarfing them down too fast.

Peanut Butter Sandwiches

Make some peanut butter sandwiches with whole white or whole grain bread and plain, unsalted peanut butter. Cut the sandwich into 4 squares and set aside one square for your dog. 2 squares would be the maximum. You could add some jelly to your portion of the sandwich.
Warning: Bread and peanut butter adds extra calories to your dog’s diet and may cause weight gain if he eats too much.

Coconut Slices (that you stole from the kitchen while your moms cooking)

You know when there’s food being cooked in the house and it’s something with coconut, there’s this small window when chopped coconut just sits there, waiting for the other ingredients to be ready. That’s when you’re supposed to pick up a couple of pieces and run! While you enjoy your successful heist, share a small piece or two with your furry buddy.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Sweet potatoes are easy for dogs to digest and rich in vitamin A, which is important for your dog’s eye health and immune system. Same goes for you. So, roast up a sweet potato, give your doggo a couple of small pieces and enjoy the rest.
Warning: Too much vitamin A can lead to bone problems and muscle weakness in dogs. Thus, you should avoid feeding your dog excessive amounts of sweet potatoes.

Bonus - Visual treat for you

Green Peas (while your mom makes you de-seed pea pods)

Hand a pea-pod to your dog as well, he/she will have a hell of a time finding and eating the peas. And you could try popping a couple of raw peas, they’re crunchy and sweet!

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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