9 Things You Need To Learn To Cook By 25, The Indian Guide

Screw the people who tell you that you should’ve learnt how to make roasted chicken, and spaghetti, and risotto by the time you’re 25. We, the youth of India are a little more realistic. So here’s a list of stuff you should probably learn to make at some point in your adulting life.


The EASIEST breakfast option for those who eat eggs. If you don’t eat eggs, there’s always water and umm.. oats? Eggs fill you up and give you energy. Eggs are so $#@%-ing versatile. They are the Johnny Depps of food- Soft boil, hard boil, poached, fried, sunny side up, scrambled, frittata, bhurji, it can become so many different things and still remain delicious. You can use these in salads and sandwiches or eat them on their own. Phew. Go learn how to crack an egg. It’s about time if you don’t already know.

If you live in India and can’t make chai, it’s apparently disgraceful. And no, it’s not because you won’t be able to show off your skills when families come to see you for a “Rishta”. Say you’re at a friend’s place and it’s raining and all your friends are on their phones. What do you do? You make chai. Chai makes people more social. It has been proven.

Do I really need to tell you why you need to learn how to make coffee? You know I will anyway. No one will make your coffee the way you like it. Not even Starbucks. Let’s just say that it’s one of those “finding yourself” steps. Know your coffee, know yourself. (Someone make a deep-shit quote out of this please?)

Rice goes with everything and it fills you up. And it’s so much cheaper to make your own rice. You get rice grains for 50 rupees per kilo. You can survive on that for a month! Don’t you dare order rice from the restaurant. And if you’re still silly enough to order rice, just order Biryani.

You need something for the rice, don’t you? You’ll need this skill, even more, when you start feeling homesick. Nothing says HOME like Dal Chawal. Then you can do stuff like eat it with crushed chips because that just tastes nice.

You can buy vegetables for 20 bucks! You already have some spices in the house from back when you thought you’d cook. It’s going to take 30 minutes to make. Your food delivery will take longer than that. And once you successfully make the sabzi, you can Instagram it and people will be so proud of you.

Wouldn’t it be nice to bake a cake for your closest friend’s birthday instead of buying a shitting over creamed cake? Okay, picture this, wouldn’t it be nice to know how to bake your own brownies? Lookout for today’s evening article by Aditya to know how you can make your “Special” brownies.

Please, sticking a slice of unevenly cut tomato between two pieces of buttered bread is not a sandwich. A sandwich is supposed to have flavour and a balance of greens and proteins. Make something you actually like eating instead of a mess that you’re going to toss aside while placing a Subway order.

REALLY? I have to tell you why you need to learn how to cook Maggi? Why do you not know it already? If you make Maggi horribly, you’ll probably never get laid because it’s the easiest thing in the world and you’re incapable of it. Go buy a 6 pack of Maggi and don’t leave the house till you perfect that Maggi.
P.S. Once you know how to make it you play around with it with cheese, veggies, proteins, whatever you want.

I just want you guys to not be hungry, that’s all.

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WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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