A Free Ticket To The One Earth Festival

As sustainable living (slowly) takes over the minds and lives of the conscious beings of our country, it’s time to celebrate this green endeavour, to spread the message and to spread the love for all those already on its path.

The One Earth Festival, India’s Biggest Vegan Festival is here, in Mumbai. The festival is all about health, animal compassion and environment-friendly living.

What Do I Expect At The Fest?

First of all, expect food. A lot of food. Over 50 food stalls giving you brilliant and delicious vegan options for food. And then fulfil your retail therapy guilt-free with over a 100 cruelty-free stalls selling you product of the best quality that won’t harm you or your carbon footprint.

Attend workshops on green living and meet fellow members who are on the zero-waste journey. Have all your questions answered, about the zero waste lifestyle. And if you haven’t started your journey yet, this could be your moment. It sounds like a cult, and it sure is. It’s a cult that might just save this planet.

Click here to Register (and win a free bag)

When: Sunday, 2nd December
Location: JVPD Ground, Juhu. Click for directions.
Entry: FREE
Time: 10 AM - 10 PM

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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