A New Beer is coming to Mumbai with this Pop-up taking over The Barking Deer!

Head to Super Happy Pop-up at The Barking Deer where you can get hands on the new craft beer from delhi, ’Happy’ by THIRSTY!

Know More:
Happy promises to be crisp, fun and refreshing and the bottle comes in a big yellow can. With All Day long Happy hours, Happy will be served at INR95 on tap. Besides Happy by Thirsty, Happy Kick Ass Kolsch Ale and Kroltzschandler Gose will be available along with the Barking Deer’s own brew. 

The beer will be served with an all new food and beverage menu that also promises a new feel and a change in ambiance at The Barking Deer. Choose from 7 different Beer Fondues with options like pork sausages, broccoli and some desi versions to dip whist you Binge on their Beer.

What Else?
The Beer will be available for 3 months at the brewery starting 5th October. A couple of new beers together with a new food menu makes The Barking Deer, a super happy place to be. Join us on our instagram as we will be there tonight - https://www.instagram.com/bingedaily/


WRITTEN BY  - Arth Jain arth@bingehour.com



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