A Tinder Date led me to the Scariest House Party of my Life.

I have been on and off tinder lately, and I am always up for meeting interesting people.

I matched with this girl a few weeks ago who asked me out to a local bar. We met and had a really nice time. Before leaving we danced for a while and I could feel a lot of sexual tension building up. I wasn't quite sure how comfortable she was taking things any further on the first date so I dropped her off to her apartment building and came back home.

The following week she texted me saying she wants to meet me again so I told her to come up with a plan and we could hang out. She texted me a few days later inviting me to a house party. She told me that it's going to be a very small party with a few friends and she really insisted I come.

I thought this is going to be just like every other house party where people bring cheap booze, a little bit of weed and people making out in corners of the house. But it turned out to be the scariest party I have ever been too!

So I texted her when I was a few minutes away from the house and she replied asking me to come soon and told me that she is about to get high.

As I entered the door, I saw about 6 girls and 5 guys casually chatting up over alcohol and cigarettes. The room had shady lighting and it felt almost as if I had walked straight into a party shown in trashy Bollywood movies.

The house was a 3bhk and was jam-packed! There were about 40 people in there partying their pain away. The girl came to get me and I could tell she was tipsy. She hugged me, whispered something weird in my ear, held my hand and took me inside a room where her friends were getting high.

When someone says getting high, I assume they are probably smoking up. I entered the room to see something I had never seen before!

There were 2 guys and about 7 girls in there all cramped up one bed. The guys were emptying insulin syringes, dismantling them, washing them and carefully assembling them. They loaded up some sort of opaque chemical and passed the syringes to the girls. The girls casually tied each other's hands with cloth rags and injected themselves! I don't know what happened with the syringes after that because my mind completely flipped. 

It was at that moment I realised what was going on at this party. I knew I had to get out of there as soon as possible. I asked for the washroom and dashed to it as soon as I saw it. A lot was going through my mind right now. I had never seen something like this and I was sweating profusely. I knew that chemical drugs are addictive and even if you do it once, you get hooked on. I was so paranoid that I started calculating my chances of survival. I started thinking of hypothetical situations in which I was being held down and forced to take the drugs or I accidentally stepped on a needle!

I called up a friend and told her about the place I was stuck at. I walked out on the phone and told the girl that I'm just gonna go downstairs to pick up a friend of mine and as soon as I got out of the door, I ran as fast as I could! I got an auto rickshaw and headed straight back home. On my way back, I blocked the girl from all platforms so she couldn't reach out to me! I have been really cautious after this incident regarding the people I go out with! I've also set a few guidelines for myself such as not going to house parties of people you don't know! I know it sounds very ambitious but I'm glad I made it out of that place sober and alive! 

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo atharvalobo@gmail.com



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