An NGO is installing happy fridges across the country to feed the homeless

India has approximately 78 million homeless people who live on the streets. These numbers include 11 million children! These people mostly live on the streets of metro cities like Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. And the number of food-related deaths of these people have only gone up and an NGO is trying to tackle the issue by making sure that these people don't have to go to bed hungry.

Feeding India is a Delhi based NGO that is setting up 'happy fridges' across the country. The NGO redistributes food collected from public residences to the people who need it. Those who need the food can take it from the fridge free of cost!
People willing to donate food can place packets in the fridge after labelling them. As of now, the NGO has placed 500 fridges across 100 cities in India. The NGO urges people not to keep the food in plastic containers or polythene bags in an effort to reduce waste.
The Happy Fridge helps people to serve 15,000-20,000 meals a month! And you can join their team of volunteers which functions in 65 cities across India. So the next time you have leftovers from a party or a gathering, make sure you drop them off in one of the Happy Fridges in your city!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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