Trying To Quit Eating Meat But Can't? You May Be A Reducetarian!

What is a reducetarian anyway? Okay, let’s try and understand this better with a set of questions :

Do you want to give up on meat and dairy because it’s bad for the planet?
Are you unable to do so because of how good they taste?
Do you eat meat and dairy in spite of these contradictions that you have?

If you’ve answered ‘yes’ to all these questions above, the congratulations, you’re a reducetarian! It’s a little awkward for you by this point, cause the meat eaters think you’re a traitor, but the vegetarians and vegans think you’re a murderer! What is happening? Is something wrong with you?

Well, actually, no. Over the past couple of decades, the global awareness about how meat and dairy are leeching off of the environment and making the world a shittier place day by day is becoming common knowledge rapidly. So it’s not exactly surprising of we’ve started devaluing meat and dairy.


It’s interesting to know that there are also people who don’t realize that they have a certain set of beliefs that lean towards reducetarianism. They are called subconscious reducetarians.

There’s nothing to feel bad about, although make sure that at some point, you make a decision regarding what impact you want to have on the planet!

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WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan



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