Beer Shortage In Europe Over CO2!

Remember the December of 2017 when the beer companies of India had stopped production due to a hike in excise duty on mild beer (25%) and strong beer (35%). Remember not being able to have your favourite beer with your meals? Now take that memory and increase the disappointment and pain by 7 fold. Europe, the largest consumer of beer is facing beer extinction.The situation is to be restored by September but that’s so far away! Think of all the World Cup Fans having to watch the match without beer.

Okay, let us tell you why this is happening. It all started when several Industrial Ammonia Plants shut down for “maintenance” and “refurbishment”. For those who weren’t attentive in school, CO2 is a byproduct of Ammonia. This CO2 is used by the food and beverage industry to add those beautiful bubbles (fizz) to your drinks and to increase the shelf life of meats and vegetables. It is also used in dry ice which helps transport frozen goods. 

Imagine the catastrophe! Meats, beers and carbonated drinks will vanish from the supermarket shelves if the CO2 is not restored.

As of June 26th British wholesale food and beverage company, Brooker, started rationing the distribution of carbonated drinks, restricting businesses’ purchase of beer to no more than 10 cases and a maximum of 5 cases of cider or soda, CNBC reported.

Can Europe hold on till September? Only time will tell.

Also, America is expected to see a rise in Beer prices thanks to Trump’s new tariffs. So, plan your trips well and drink wine.

You could also check out the beer consumption around the world. What's your contribution to the statistics?

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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