Best Nepali Street Momos In Lokhandwala

I love momos. I actually love every form that dumplings come in. But good dumplings are difficult to come by and I’m too much of a cheapskate to be willing to spend 180-300 bucks on a plate of 6 momos. The same way that I refuse to pay 120 bucks for 6 pieces of panipuri.

These are so many things that people get wrong while making momos- under seasoned fillings, thick and bulky maida shells, cabbage-y veg momos, dry fillings or shells that melt. These are dumpling crimes. A good mom should be moist, a consistent subtle flavour of a soft filling and a thin shell that is strong enough to hold all the juices inside.
And then there’s the sauce. The sauce that is served alongside the momos. Usually a red chilli sauce, sometimes a schezwan sauce and the Nepal special, green chilli sauce.

On our trip around the city, we found a woman who sells momos that sort of meet our criteria for good momos. And if it falls short in any small way, it’s made up by the fact that she sells 10pcs. of non-veg momos for 80 rupees (and veg for 60 rupees)! That is more quantity and quality than most momos stalls! The Veg momos will melt in your mouth!
She serves it with a red spicy chutney, a green chutney (the special Nepali sauce) and mayo (no clue why).

Kavita Didi, the owner of “Momo Snacks Stall” is a really polite woman with a warm smile. She learnt to make momos from her husband, who’s a sound engineer and dubbing artist.

Check out these brilliant momos.
P.S. She also takes party and wedding orders.

Location: Jeevan Nagar, Azad Nagar, Andheri West. Click for directions.
Call: +91 9082158749

 (Closed on Sundays)

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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