Binge Guide To Seasonal Food: Gujarat Edition

In our winter journey to find the best seasonal foods around the country, we stop at Gujarat. You all know the usual, khakhra, fafda, dhokla and thepla, but I’m sure you don’t know the ones on this list. Have you tried these before?


Undhiyu is traditionally cooked on Makar Sankranti in homes in Gujarat. Undhiyu and Pooris are served on the terrace for lunch and the kite flying (which begins in the morning) only ends by sundown.
Undhiyu, which means ‘upside down’, is a sweet and mildly-spiced dish. It’s a one-pot dish of seasonal vegetables and spices that are simmered on a low flame for hours to get the aromatic result. The key elements of cooking Undhiyu- Groundnut oil, and no water while it’s cooking, a generous amount of grated coconut, garlic and coriander.


Ponkh is tender jowar. People are known to organise ponkh and hurda parties during this winter period. In farms, the stalks are roasted with their cobs and then beaten to separate each grain. It's a simple dish, with simple origins. Just add some sev and lemon to add to amp up your ponkh.

Surti Locho

Locho is steamed Gujarati Farsan originated in Surat. It is made from Gram Flour. The dish derives its name from its loose consistency and irregular shape like dumplings. Served with green dhaniya chutney and chopped onions, Locho tastes best as an accompaniment to your evening tea.


A traditional winter mithai, that is really simple, is Adadiyu. It is made using urad dal flour along with ghee and nuts. It’s a popular breakfast dish since it’s a type of halwa which can make for a filling meal. It has ingredients that help to keep the body warm during the cold winter.

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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