Booze At INR 85, All Day Every Day

Behind a white wall that says “Bougenvilla Kitchen”, in a sleek font, lies a completely different world or decadence. There is a distinctive change from the surroundings when you enter this restaurant. Complete with European decor, this is a brilliant place to sit back and have a couple of drinks with your friends and colleagues.

Enjoy booze at INR 85 (SO CHEAP!) at this luxurious and chill place. 

Have we been there?
Yes, we have. You can go check out our video where we tried on their amazing drinks and appetisers.

Tell me more
Bougenvilla is a relatively new kitchen and people have nothing but praises for this beautiful place. As a way to give back the love they’ve received, they’re offering you booze at INR 85 all day every day till the 31st of August. That’s half the price you pay everywhere else (if not one third)!

What’s more, they also have unlimited food and drinks at INR 845 for 2 hours every day. UNLIMITED. Need we say more? Get your asses off of your painful office chairs and head to Bougenvilla for a good time.


Alcohol at INR 85 (+ taxes)
Cocktails, booze and starters at INR 845 (+ taxes)

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WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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