You Can Now Legally Order Your Booze Online [NEWS]

It’s not the newest concept to get your booze delivered to your house, but yes, it will be new to do so with the Government’s blessings upon us.
Yep, Maharashtra Government is legalising the online sale and home delivery of liquor in the state! When this decision comes to effect is still unknown, but we are excited. What does this mean for the state?

Will the food delivery apps start delivering alcohol as well? Will we be able to Swiggy our favourite drink without having to compromise on the brand/quantity (which was usually lost in translation while trying to explain a huge liquor order on call)? Does this mean more house parties? Maybe.

Does this also mean that the Maharashtra Government cares about our happiness? NO.
This just means that the Government is trying to increase revenue. They’ve been losing sizeable excise tax due to the closure of around 3,000 liquor outlets located near the highways.
In 2017-18, excise duty contributed Rs 15,343 crore to the state's treasury.
The reduction in petrol and diesel prices also put a strain on the treasury. They have high hopes for this Liquor delivery decision to generate enough revenue to make up for the vacuum that’s been created.

Though for the public statement, the ulterior motive of this legalising of online sales and home delivery was to curb incidences on Drink & Drive. Smart.
Can’t wait for the decision to come into effect, we’re looking forward to liquor apps. What do you think?

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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