Can artificial meat be considered vegetarian?

I love meat! I love cooking meat and consuming it. Call me stone hearted but the fact that an animal died for my meal doesn't really affect me. When I tell this to people, their next argument is always the same. 'Have you seen how these animals are killed?' Well yes, I have.

In fact, I go to the slaughterhouse, handpick the chicken I want for my meal, weigh it and ask the guy to prep it for me. I carefully inspect the way each piece is cut and I ensure that the meat has been cleaned properly. And I do this because I want my meal to taste exceptional. I love cooking and I enjoy cooking with all sorts of meat. 

So when I read about how close scientists are to a breakthrough in cultivating fake meat, I was taken aback. So here's how it works, Certain serums that deal with the colour of the meat and the actual taste are extracted from the source animal. These serums are then fused with different mediums to develop synthetic meat.

The FDA has now issued guidelines to research facilities that are developing fake meat. The meat that they grow should be 100% edible, that means- no hooves or beaks or feathers. Basically, the scientists have to develop a steak out of a few chemicals, serums and tissues. 

Here is my take- We as humans are apex predators. We have evolved in a way and have been consuming animals for the longest time. Even the animals that we consume have a certain kind of taste because of the way they are bred and fed. It is decades of evolution that has given meat the kind of taste and feel it has and I honestly feel that artificially grown meat cannot match the real kind in any way.  

My question to the vegetarians and vegans is since this meat is cultivated artificially without any animal being involved, would you consume it or consider it vegetarian?

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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