Carrot Latte: Hipster Trend or Green Movement?

In this time in the world where creativity is fast reaching its peak, the only limit is your imagination. If you can imagine it, you can create it. But should you always create what you imagine? Because right now we’re left with coffee and a carrot.

Carrot Latte. First of all, it is not what it sounds like. It is not another venture into a creative beverage like Pumpkin spice latte. This is in its most honest form, coffee and milk inside a hollowed out carrot.

Is this just someone trying to be crazy so that the internet picks them up? Or is there an actual reason behind it? Before I answer that, let me tell you, over the past few months, the internet has also experienced the Avocado Latte and the Apple Latte. Yes, the avocado and Apple also became containers for the coffee.


What’s the point though?
Here it is. These are alternatives to mugs. Carrots, avocados and apples are all organic and can be disposed of without the fear of harming nature. It’s a smart idea till you have spills happening everywhere.

What do you think? Would you want your latte in a carrot?

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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