Celebrate A Memorable Children’s Day At These Events

Children’s Day is no longer just about going to school and receiving candy. This is the new generation! Kids now have an array of events they can go to and it’s good because it helps cultivate their little creative minds. Here are three events we thought you should know about.

Autumn Bar and Bistro

Enjoy a Children's Day special Picnic Brunch on 11 November. All kids aged 12 and below can avail brunch here, for Rs 445. The picnic themed brunch will obviously include all the kid-favourite dishes - Nutella waffles, mac and cheese, loaded chocolate milkshakes, pepperoni pizza fries, Margherita pizza.
This menu is going to be paradise for a kid!

Location: New Link Road, Veera Desai Area. Click for directions.
Time: 12:00 pm to 4:00 pm
Cost For One: INR 445 

Bombay Coffee House

This place will make your kid feel all grown up as you tell them that you’re going to let them have a 3-course meal. That’s a big deal! At BCH, all kids aged 12 and below can avail the 3-course meal consisting of French Fries, Mac and Cheese, and a Milkshake of their choice only for INR495.
This meal is going to tire out your kid and then you can rest for the rest of the day!

Location: Kurla | Bandra | Fort 
Time: All Day
Cost For One: INR 495

Todi Mill SOCIAL

This is a special one. Kids now have a chance to finally get letters to Hogwarts along with a bunch of stuff to fill their trunks, as they experience a world of Fantastic Beasts along with a throwback to Harry Potter and his adventures. What to expect?

OWL's are coming in early in the form of Trivia
Get sorted into houses and win the House Cup
Cosplay it out! Umbridges are welcome too.
Get your pictures clicked like you were in 'LONDON' at our photobooth station.

Book Event Tickets Here.

Ticket Price: INR 590
Time: 12:30 PM onwards
Location: Todi Mills, Lower Parel.

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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