If you see CHEESE PIZZA on dark web, Never click on it!

The dark web is that part of the internet that is not easily accessible to the general public. It requires a browser that gives you anonymous access to the internet and since there are no search engines, you need website links that work.

Everything from drugs, guns, bombs and hitmen services are sold on the dark web. But the content that utilizes up to 80%of the space on the dark web is Cheese Pizza. Cheese Pizza is a reference to Child Pornography. The Dark web is filled with websites that sell and let you stream child pornography.

Watching and distributing any sort of Child pornography is illegal in almost all countries of the world. But more and more such websites keep popping up on the darknet. Some of this content is slowly making its way to the clean net and is being distributed on messaging platforms such as kick.

However, to tackle this situation, cybercrime cells from around the world are tracking down the sources of the content and also tracking down the places where this content is stored. 

Some good netizens on the dark web have started takedown groups where they hack into these child porn websites and delete all their data. They post about their takedowns on their dark web homepage. International agencies have now started awarding these hackers for their service to society. Governments of the world are urging young computer students and hackers to help them take down the entire child porn industry.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo atharvalobo@gmail.com



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