Cheese Tea, Bananas on Pizza: 10 Food Trends Of 2018 That We Hated!

Food trends keep popping up on our Internet feed every now and then. But it is not necessary that all of these trends are good. Some of these are weird while some are plain disgusting. We listed 10 food trends of 2018 that we absolutely hated!

Cheese Tea

People say that you can never go wrong with adding Cheese to things. But you shouldn't trust such people! We tried Cheese tea this year in Mumbai and it was absolutely horrible. In fact, it was so weird, we were wondering if the creators actually tasted the drink before serving it to people!

Edible Clay

Children have the habit of putting things in their mouth and often end up accidentally eating clay. So to curb this problem, a company came up with edible clay. While it is a really good idea to keep children out of trouble, we all know the kind of abuse clay has to go through. It is squished, rolled, slapped on multiple surfaces and is often covered with germs. Do we really want our children eating that?

Sushi Pizza

Sometimes when two cuisines are mixed, they create poetry, but sometimes they create abominations. I'm not a big fan of seafood but I love Pizza. and when I came across Sushi Pizza, I was bot confused and disgusted. Pizza is bread, sauce and cheese with toppings. And Almost Raw fish is not a good topping for Pizza!

Dry ice in drinks

Bartenders have become really creative when it comes to presenting drinks in a quirky way. But I feel using dry ice to create a smoke effect in drinks is not cool anymore. While it is fascinating for children to watch smoke come out of a glass, adults have to wait for the smoke to subside before they can actually have their drink. 

Liquid Nitrogen in food

I don't understand people obsessing over smoke coming out of edibles. A lot of restaurants and bars had started serving dishes that were dipped in liquid nitrogen so that when someone consumes it, the heat of their mouth makes them breather smoke. They also added liquid nitrogen to drinks for the smoke. Liquid nitrogen is a really dangerous chemical and is to be handled by professionals only! There were cases in which people were critically injured and even died due to consuming things with liquid nitrogen too soon. 

Baked cones

Baked cones made their way to India but were cheaply imported. Instead of making full sized cones, Indian eateries started making tiny half cones. What's even more annoying is that these cones are priced Rs. 200 onwards! They are absolutely not worth the price and don't even taste that great. We think that baking cones are just a gimmick.

Pancakes In India

Pancakes In India are a scam! While you expect big, round and fluffy pancakes, Indian eateries sell you tiny idli shaped pancakes that are soggy and soaked in sauce. They can't even get the proportions right. Someone needs to tell them that The main dish they are serving is pancakes that are drizzled with sauce and not sauce with pancake chunks in it!

Flaming Paan

Flaming paan has become a big thing in India. If you like eating Paan, it's better to eat a normal one instead of risking burns on your face and sacrificing your moustache. Also, have you seen the way they feed you the flaming paan? they literally shove the whole thing in your mouth with their fingers!

Freak Shakes

While I love the way freakshakes taste, makers could go a little easy on the presentation. Half of the ingredients of the shake are outside the glass! I prefer having all the ingredients inside the glass where I can actually consume them! I am too sophisticated to do this in public but if someone gives me a freakshake with a fancy presentation at home, I would probably lick the outside of the glass because I don't want to waste it!

Bananas on Pizza

If you thought Pineapples on pizza were bad, People have started putting Bananas on Pizza. Some even put strawberries. We get that making food is an art and the chef should take creative liberties. But they shouldn't take decisions that would threaten the existence of mankind by ruining a sacred dish like Pizza!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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