Chopping food using your mouth is the latest whacky trend!

Cooking trends have changed a lot over the years but this is the first time something this bizarre has come up in the culinary world! Our mouths are essential to consume food but who knew that you could cook with it?

Videos of mouth-chef Riva Godfrey are taking the internet by storm due to their whacky take on food. In her videos, Riva cooks things like raw steak tartare, Christmas turkey and smoothies without using any knives or food processors.

She basically chews all the raw materials with her mouth and spits them into a mixing bowl. Even though her videos are aesthetic, the whole idea behind it is plain disgusting! I had to watch her chew garlic cloves to make a paste which she spat in the bowl. She also melts a chunk of butter in her mouth and spits it on the food. 

People are calling Riva the poor man's food processor. But what's the point of chewing food, spitting it out and then eating it again? I have a better suggestion. Since you are chewing all the raw ingredients, why not swallow them? All you need to do after that is fifteen jumping jacks and your food will mix really well inside your stomach.  

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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