Custom Motorcycle builder Harish Poduval talks about the food that bikers love

Harish Poduval is said to be one of India's finest custom motorcycle builders. He started from a tiny parking space in his apartment complex and now has a huge workshop! Over the years, his work has been featured at Royal Enfield's yearly festival and he has become a well-known face at these meets. Harish is also a passionate motorist who loves taking his bikes out on long rides where he has come across some really interesting food. We spoke to Harish to get in insight into the custom motorcycle scene in India and also spoke to him about the kind of food he comes across when he is on a bike ride. Here is what he has to say.

What got you into custom motorcycle building? How did you set up your shop?
"I have the habit of customising everything I have. As a school going kid, I had the handlebars and fenders of my bicycle customised. The bike would never look stock. Modifying my own bullet 500 got a lot of attention and requests for selling it or to get something similar done for people. I was bored of a monotonous life and that's what kickstarted Lazybone. I thought starting small would be the wise thing. So I used the smallest possible space where two bikes could fit in and my first custom bike from a Royal Enfield was born. And I knew that I'm never going to stop doing this! It's been 4 years now and despite all odds, I have finally moved into a large garage space!"

Why did you pick the name Lazybone motorcycles?
"The Lazybone name comes from my laidback attitude towards life. Whenever I'm working on something, I never hurry or rush into things. I take my time to figure out how I want things to be. Most of my custom bikes are minimalistic and we don't mess with the stock chassis or frame of the bike. We are too lazy to chop the original frame of the bike and 'Bone' stands for the frame of the bike. I like making custom bikes that are rideable every day." 


Who is your inspiration? Where do you get inspiration for your bikes?
"Inspiration comes from nowhere and everywhere. There is no particular person or bike or object that I look up to when coming up with designs. Inspiration is everywhere. However, I do have an American and Japanese taste when it comes to designing a British motorcycle which is made here in India!" 

You have been featured at Rider Mania. How was the experience?
"My work was featured at the Royal Enfield Rider Mania custom motorcycle exhibit twice. I never thought that I would make it to such a big stage, where my work is featured alongside some of the best custom motorcycle makers in India. Both my designs were loved and appreciated by the biker community. The trophies that we received were an added bonus!"


How is custom motorcycle building as a profession working out for you?
"No matter what profession you take up, at first its a bit difficult to earn money but things get smooth after a while. While I make custom motorcycles, I also run a servicing and repair workshop in-house so that's where the money that backs my custom building comes from. It's not an easy game unless you have a bungalow and massive garage space. But I'm not a practical person who will just quit because my work is not returning money. I will keep the brand alive somehow. The custom motorcycle scene has its own dark side. Don't get in it if you want to make money!"

Describe your relationship with food. Are you a foodie?
"Food is a very integral part of motorcycle riding. Whether you are MotoGP rider who munches on a sandwich or whether you are a tourer who takes pit stops at Dhabbas or a fancy hotel. I love Idlis, Poha, Vada Pavs, butter chicken and naan. This is the kind of food that I generally have on bike rides and outings."


I bet you travel a lot so have you come across interesting food on one of your bike rides? Do you go out on rides just to eat at a certain place?
"There is just something different about the food that you eat on motorcycle rides. It tastes better somehow! Ask the cafe racer riders who ride in the city, they would never miss the best cafe in the town. Breakfast rides are the most affordable getaway for bikers like me who can't take out time other than a weekend because Monday calls them back to work. We have fixed Chai-Nashta spots across the state where we stop every time and end up having the same things over and over! But yeah, motoring has introduced me to a lot of new places which serve some really good food!"

You can check out Harish's custom motorcycles here.

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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