Cyanide Roulette: Dark Web user tells us about a game that junkies play!

The dark web has a lot of places where you can find Drugs, Pornography and weapons. One such dark alley leads to dark web Red Rooms. Red rooms are basically live chatrooms with video feeds on which people do things so disgusting that they can't possibly show them to the general public. People pay performers in these Red Rooms to do all sorts of nasty things.

Red Rooms offer a variety of live stream options. Beastiality and extreme kink are some of the less disturbing streams you can watch. There are rooms where people can pay the performer using cryptocurrency to do things with his body that include self-harm, asphyxiation, torcher and humiliation. If you have seen the movie Hostel, you must know about secret killing societies that abduct people and sell them off to people who want to kill a person. Red rooms have a similar stream where people who are abducted are chained to a bed or a chair and people pay performers to torcher and eventually kill that person!

The dark web can scar you and someone with a weak stomach is possibly not going to be able to see what goes on in these live streams. I happen to know a person who spoke to me provided his identity was not exposed. So for the purpose of this write-up, we shall call him J. J is working on a book that takes you through the dark web as you've never seen before and for the past few years, J has been exploring corners of the Dark Web.

I met J through an online gaming community and when he read my story about how Indians are buying drugs on the dark web, he reached out to me to share some of his experiences. J says that while Drugs and weapons can easily be found, Red Rooms are really difficult to find. He had to spend almost 6 months browsing through a number of pornographic websites to eventually come across a forum. 

The forum consisted of hackers and explorers who just wanted to get to the dirt of the Dark Web. He came across a group of hackers who had taken down a number of child pornography websites and even gotten the people hosting the files arrested. He knew that it was a risk talking to hackers on the dark web but he reached out to them eventually. He soon came to a realisation that these hackers were good samaritans and wanted to take down the scum of the internet. Since there is no search engine like Google on the dark web, you can't possibly look up websites related to things. So since J was just an explorer, the hackers shared a few links with him that they planned on targetting. 

One of these links led J to a Red Room portal. He was surprised by the way the website was designed. It looked just like a regular nudie streaming website and had a very nice interface. While there were a lot of rooms dedicated to porn, bestiality, and torcher, there was one room that read Cyanide Roulette. He decided to take a look and had to pay a bit of money to enter the room. 

The show inside was an actual event planned with proper production and hosts. There was a roundtable with junkies sitting around it and the table had a lot of syringes filled with heroin. When a round starts, The junkies pick up a syringe from the lot and inject it into their body. The catch here is that some of these syringes are packed with Cyanide! it is impossible to know which syringe is contaminated and by the end of each round, someone died!

What's even more shocking is that the winner gets prize money and a big bag of drugs to take home! There were spectators in the studio who wore masks to hide their identities. J had seen many things on the Dark web before, including people dying and being tortured, but he had never come across a competition of junkies where they risk their lives, hoping to win a prize. The matches went on for over five hours and eventually, a Russian middle-aged man took home the prize. Although he was so high that he had to literally be carried away by a few people.

When J told me this story, I was deeply disturbed and I knew I had to write about this! Now I'm not saying that I don't trust J but I did some more digging on Red Rooms. While J shared one of his experiences, A lot of people say that Red Rooms may be a scam. Dark Web users often discuss streams on 4Chan and Reddit and one such stream was going to be about people who were captured by ISIS. People were really excited about this stream but it turned out to be a troll where a random video was played for 21 minutes before the stream ended. 

Eileen Ormsby, the author of two books on the Dark Web says that Red Rooms don't exist! They are probably scams where people pay to enter the room and then realise that they have been scammed.

Well, there is no way to be certain about this as another theory suggests that legit Red Rooms often put out troll rooms so that trolls and users who just want to mess around don't make it to the real page. It's as simple as having a bouncer outside the nightclub to let selective crowd in. I don't really know if these rooms exist or not, but I am planning to setup a donation fund, to buy a clean laptop with no personal data and access the dark web. On the other note If you plan to visit the dark web, our suggestions do a complete research before you go clinking on unkonow links and see something you can't unsee. 

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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