Do you remember this erotic Milano ad featuring Hrithik Roshan?

I grew up in a very typical Indian household where things would get awkward whenever an intimate scene was happening on the screen. I often would get up to drink water while peeking from the kitchen door. While I was used to this happening during movies, this one particular ad put me in the same situation every time!

This International Cookie Day, we stumbled upon a blast from the past. When Parle came out with its premium chocolate chip cookies Milano, they came out with an advertisement that is sort of responsible for turning young boys into men, if you know what I mean!

The advertisement featured Bollywood's heartthrob Hrithik Roshan playing his mandolin exchanging looks with a beautiful Italian woman. His father locks him in a bakery saying that he would only let him out when he learns how to bake. The woman sneaks in at night and blindfold Hritik and teaches him how to cook in a very sensual way.

She teaches Hritik how to knead the dough first. Then she asks him to add the butter, which accidentally drips on her collarbone! And then come the chocolate chips which leave a smear on her lips. They show the couple getting really close and then fade out, leaving the rest on our imagination.

The woman disappears in the morning and the baker comes into the bakery shouting, "Milano! What have you done to my bakery!" He then takes a bite of the cookies that Hritik made and asks him if he can make them every day. They then show all of the erotic scenes again as if Hritik is imagining doing that every day and he agrees!

Sometimes I wonder how this advertisement slipped under the censorship radar! But nevertheless, the advertisement is one of the most iconic ads from Indian television. But more than the erotica, I think the credit goes to the Italian baker and his loud accent!


WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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