Drunk Man Sets 18 Vehicles On Fire In Delhi, For Fun!

Delhi is currently facing a major pollution issue. with every passing day, it is getting more and more difficult to breathe. The government imposed a complete ban on firecrackers this year to avoid polluting the air even more. 

But it seems like the citizens of Delhi aren't bothered about their health! Despite the ban, Delhiites completely ignored the warnings and blatantly violated the cracker ban! I really laughed at these people when I saw photos of people burning crackers with pollution masks on.

But this one particular man decided to take cracker bursting to the next level! In a CCTV video, a man is seen drinking and having the time of his life. He then went on to set a motorcycle on fire! He fled the scene but then proceeded to burn 18 other vehicles across Delhi'sMadangir area.

These vehicles, including four cars, have been completely charred and a lot of other vehicles have faced damage due to the fires. The police are currently looking for the accused as locals say that the man seemed psychotic and I feel that there couldn't be a word more apt for this arsonist!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo atharvalobo@gmail.com



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