Eating habits that will help you live healthier

Many people who struggle with their health or weight say they've tried every diet or food plan under the sun, without any long-term success. The changes they make end up being short term and their old eating habits soon return, leaving them disheartened and demoralized. The key to success lies in developing healthy eating habits that will not only help you reach your goals, but will also leave you feeling full and with plenty of energy to do everything you want to do.
Healthy eating habits are all about putting changes in place that are sustainable in the long term. Here are a few eating habits which, once you've made them part of your routine, will have you set up for life.

1.    Eat Healthy Unprocessed Food
Many of the packaged foods we buy today are aimed at convenience and involve the minimum of preparation time on our part - but they're not that healthy. They often contain high amounts of preservatives, man-made colorings and other added chemicals. Get into the habit of preparing meals from unprocessed foods and you will reap the health benefits.This means cooking with fresh vegetables, lean meat, eggs and milk and eating plenty of fruit, nuts and legumes.
2.    Never let yourself become starving.
We all know how this goes. We get wrapped up in work, or kids, or whatever else is distracting us, and before you know it, it’s 3 P.M. and you haven’t eaten since 8 A.M. When we’re ravenously hungry, we give into not-so-healthy cravings, or binge on more than we need because our brains are telling us to EAT. By planning out meals and snacks throughout the day, you can prevent this from happening.
3.    Eat slower.
Pause before taking a bite, and chew slowly and intentionally, Albers suggests. This will help you bring your focus back to the task at hand (eating) and keep you from mindlessly scarfing down more than your body really wants or needs.
4.    Try new foods.
We seem to eat the same foods repeatedly. This limits our nutritional range. Be adventurous. Try new foods.  You might just discover a new favorite you’ve been missing all this time.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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