Eco-Friendly Raksha Bandhan. Are You A Part Of It?

Save the earth! That's the mantra that's doing rounds of late. And everyone, from celebrities to politicians to sportspersons, to college students and school goers, all are actively participating to clean up our surroundings and save mother earth. But hey...don't worry, this article isn't deviating from the headline of the feature, at all. Yeah, we're gonna talk about celebrating Raksha Bandhan, in a unique way that benefits our planet. Are you going eco-friendly for rakhi this year and years to come? Here's how you can go about it if you don't already know.

Eat Your Rakhi!

Don't worry… you won't choke! Cause we're talking about edible rakhis. The idea of eco-friendly rakhi has picked up quite a lot in the twin cities. Hence, bakeries and confectioneries are out with innovative ideas about going eco-friendly this Raksha Bandhan. You will find customized cupcake rakhis and chocolate rakhis, that can be consumed soon after tieing it. So, you don't have to worry about what needs to be done with the tied threads, after the festival is over. You can find such unique edible rakhis in sweet shops and bakeries around the city.

Plantable Rakhis

How about making your sibling bond grow stronger? Here's an exceptional way of doing it. There are plantable kernel rakhis available in the market. You can use the seed within the rakhi soon after tieing it, and then sow it in the ground. This is not just eco-friendly, but also a visionary idea of making the bond between the siblings grow, literally. Dolphin IMPEX and Vibha Ethnics, sell these beautifully handcrafted seed rakhis along with a kit, to make our environment non-hazardous. So, sisters are you tying one of these?

Terracotta Wonders

Terracotta being recyclable is a beneficiary on its own. Made from natural, non-toxic material, the rakhis that use terracotta as the base obviously become eco-friendly. You could handmake your own rakhis with terracotta clay and then colour it vibrantly. This certainly gives a personal touch to your rakhi and leaves you sticking to your ideas of going non-hazardous.

So the best tip is to go eco-friendly is to avoid synthetic materials, plastic pearls, etc. anything that is non-biodegradable and harmful to our environment. Now, tell me, how green were you this Raksha Bandhan?

WRITTEN BY  - Chitranka Chowdhury



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