Edible Clay Is Supposed To Have Healing Properties, But Sounds So Off!

As kids, we’ve always been told to not put dirt into our mouths, but now someone comes along and tells us, it can be healthy? I don’t buy it.

Also, as a kid, I tried to make chocolate out of clay and my father had the misfortune of eating it (by mistake). I can vouch for the fact that the clay we see in our daily lives is 100% not edible. (also requires a lot of brushing to get it out from all the spaces between your teeth).

But here’s the thing, there are 7 types of clay on this planet, with a variety of consumable and industrial purposes. Amongst all, the most effective and one of the most recognized edible clays with health benefits is  Calcium Bentonite Clay.

Calcium Bentonite clay in its purest form is a superior and natural way to ensure that your body receives essential elements to detoxify. These elements are much needed for one’s mental and physical well-being. It’s essentially, a natural detoxifier. (That is because of its ability to expand while offering both adsorption and absorption properties)

Finding the correct edible clay online can really be a task because it would be really easy for sellers to send you fake edible clay, a.k.a soil.

They say, ”Your body is likely to let you know when you have found a product that works best for you”. Well, duh! If it’s not the right type of clay you’ll be in pain and you’ll also feel really stupid. So, be VERY careful about the edible clay that you consume. Or… maybe… Just DON’T!

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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