Ever Tried Meitei Cuisine? Try Manipur's Authentic Dishes At This Event!

Home chef 
invites you to savour Meitei dishes, which is the traditional cuisine of Manipur, at this Saturday dinner. The dishes will be prepared with ingredients either sourced from Imphal or the kitchen garden at his Santacruz home.


Tell Me More
The meal comprises of Singju (mixed vegetable salad), Pork with Bamboo Shoots, Ooti (yellow pea curry), Iromba (a special fermented dish), Chamfut (steamed seasonal vegetables), Kangsoi (vegetable stew with smoked fish) and Kanghou (mixed vegetable fry) and to end the meal on a sweet note, Chakhao kher (black rice pudding).

What Else
This home chef is introducing us to some of the most authentic Meitei dishes which are not easily available in Mumbai. So if you’re a foodie and don’t mind experimenting you should definitely try this!
When: 16th June, 2918 7:00pm
Entry: INR 1, 150
Link: www.openout.in
Where: Santacruz

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh aashka.parekh95@gmail.com



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