Ex-marine Shoots 12 People in California bar|Morning Coffee With Binge | 9th November

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Ex-marine Shoots 12 People in California bar
A US Marine Corps veteran open fired a Glock-45 calibre pistol in a crowded bar in Los Angeles. the bar was mostly filled with college students and young adults. The shooter killed 12 people including a sheriff's deputy.

30 flights delayed after Air India ground staff strike ends
Air India's ground staff at the Mumbai airport conducted a strike in support of colleagues who were fired. The massive strike resulted in up to six-hour delays of certain flight. Air India called additional support staff to help passengers with checking in. 

No trucks will be allowed in Delhi for 3 days
The Environment Pollution control and prevention Authority announced a ban on trucks in Delhi as an emergency plan keeping in mind the Post-Diwali pollution levels. The EPCA has also asked citizens not to use private diesel cars during this period. Around 80,000 trucks used to operate in the city daily and all of these have been stopped 20-30 kms before entering the city.

Gujrat government is considering changing Ahemdabad's name to Karnavati
The Gujrat government is currently considering changing Ahemdabad's name to Karnavati. Deputy CM Nitin Patel said that Ahemadabad as a name is a symbol of slavery and needs to be changed. Similarly, UP CM Yogi Adityanath recently announced that Faziabad will be called Ayodhya now.

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