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Family of three beaten up by bikers in Mumbai
A family of three that was travelling to their home in thane were stopped by a biker who scratched their car. The biker called his friends who ended up beating the Husband, wife and son. Even the woman was beaten with belts and helmets. In this case of road rage, two of the assaulters have been arrested.

Robot 2.0 earns 110 crores worldwide on opening day
Rajnikanth and Akshay Kumar's sci-fi thriller Robot 2.0 has earned 110 crores on its opening day. 2.0 is said to be the most expensive film made in India and has some of the most elaborate CGI scenes ever seen. 

Delhi Gurudwaras open langars for protesting farmers
Gurudwaras across Delhi have opened dedicated langers to provide food to the protesting farmers who have travelled from across the country. The farmers are demanding a three-week session of the parliament to solve their agricultural problems. 

Businessman disassembles Mercedes to rescue kitten
A Mumbai based businessman had his Mercedes disassembled to rescue a kitten who had managed to sneak into the underside of the car. The whole operation took six hours after which the kitten was rescued. A woman from the Mercedes workshop adopted the kitten.

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