Find A Paan For Every Mood *wink wink*

If you always thought of paan (betel leaf) s just a mouth-freshener, then here's a chance to rethink on it. India is a country that has always embraced the love for paan, which is evident with the varieties available in the market. And this leafy delight gets a makeover every now and then. Wondering why we're talking about paan today? It's because we came across some experimental and creative options by the sellers to encourage the love for this wonderful little refreshing flavour burst.

Will you believe if I say there's a Paan that can boost your libido (isn't that striking enough?), or there is one which is wrapped in flames? To know more read on.

Fire Paan

Setting your paan ablaze and putting it in your mouth is the new rage, the fire paan has picked up in many cities, even Hyderabad. Made by adding a special mixture to the betel leaf that consists of mint chutney and fruit flavours, the paan contains a few dry cloves which are set on fire, and then the paanwala literally thrusts the burning paan into the customer's mouth. Fire paan is the latest craze now. Try one if you're a paan lover.

Chocolate Paan

This new variation of an age-old beetle leaf delight has resulted in the addition of fruit syrups, chocolate pieces and flavoured gulkand. This version is much appreciated by youngsters, women and children. To enjoy eating paan, it must be chewed properly, and all its juices swallowed to get a feel of all the ingredients used.

Meetha Paan

This is a tobacco-free paan, also known as ‘Ladies Special Paan' and is essentially a dessert-mouth freshener. A drizzle of gulkand, a pinch of mint, fennel seeds and glazed cherries go into this sweet paan variety that is hugely preferred, because of its sweet taste and has been in the market for quite some time now.

So, if you're a paan connoisseur then you gotta try these wonders to treat your taste buds to the known leafy delight but with some fancy twists.

WRITTEN BY  - Chitranka Chowdhury



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