Find Mumbai's Best Live Music Events In The Places On This List

Love attending music gigs around the city? Here’s a list of places that have the best acoustics, amazing artist and/or the perfect ambience. And if you’re a musician in Mumbai, these are the places you probably aspire to get a gig at. So check out this list and follow these places and experience some brilliant music.

The Quarter - The Royal Opera House

‘The Quarter’ has made Mumbai’s Royal Opera House into the country’s predominant culture and entertainment space. The Royal Opera house used to be a place for the privileged few for some drink and dine and jazz and opera. But since the Quarter, it’s become more inclusive in terms of entertainment - talk shows, stand up comedy, theatre and art- along with the live music, food, and drink.

Location: Royal Opera House, Charni Road. Click for directions.

Hard Rock Cafe

Hard Rock doesn’t need an introduction. The original cafe began covering its walls with rock and roll memorabilia, a tradition which expanded to others in the chain. And now it’s not just about the memorabilia, it’s about keeping the culture alive. HRC encourages good music along with some liquor and good food. Anyone who’s been here will tell you that, the energy on the nights of live music gigs are something to feed your soul with.

Location: Worli | Andheri

The Stables

The Stables looks like an old English pub, so you can imagine an artist singing on one side. The decor also looks like a very fancy horse stable. It encourages singing along and the music is not restricted to genres. They also have a lot of interesting offers on their alcohol menu like- buy 3 get 2 and pocket-friendly pitchers and more, so you can enjoy a good drink while listening to some good live music.

Location: Marol, Andheri East. Click for directions.

The Levi’s Lounge

The only place on this list that is NOT an eatery. The Levi’s Lounge is a cultural space for music and lifestyle and creates an easygoing vibe for the artists and the viewers. This is one place that all artists look forward to performing at, one day. Levi’s is one of the few brands spearheading the cultural movement in the advertising space. The comfy seats and wooden decor will not disappoint you.

Location: Mathurdas Compound, Lower Parel. Click for directions.

Flea Bazaar Cafe

The Flea Bazaar cafe is an amalgamation of the best drinks and foods from 13 different restaurants and the culture of the current generation. It’s like a mini flea market with little stalls from Social, El Chapo, Soam, Yugo Sushi, Super Pao, Del Italia, Lucknowee, The Bohri Kitchen, Hung Li and more. And for people who want to have a little retail therapy, Propshop24 also has a pop-up stall here. A music gig here is like, enjoying a good performance in the middle of a garden after a day full of shopping and eating.

Location: Trade view building, Lower Parel. Click for directions.

The Finch

The Finch probably has the best acoustics, out of all the places mentioned above, the stage is comparably huge and the decor is classy. There’s a dance floor and the rest of the restaurant is also spacious, so you can swing to the tunes right beside your table. The Finch offers 5 craft beers and some really delicious food like their - chicken nachos, Thai pot and they even have a half decent Biryani (which tastes like actually Biryani)

Location: Marol, Andheri East. Click for directions.

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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