From Mondegar To Bademiya, Here's Where You Need To Go In Colaba!

Colaba is one of the first places that comes to mind when one thinks of Bombay, which is not surprising at all since this has arguably been the most popular hub for businessmen, shopkeepers, merchants, tourists and locals alike for over a hundred years! But where should you go when hunger strikes? From the fabled Leopold to the royal Delhi Durbar, here’s our top picks for Colaba :

1 . Cafe Mondegar’s : 
Want some cutting chai, but craving some deep fried onion rings as well? Mondegar’s has the legendary reputation of having the most versatile repertoire of Indian and American cuisines. Decorated with caricatures that splendidly capture the essence of Bombay and a single jukebox that takes you back to 70’s LA, Mondegar’s is definitely what you need to check out if you really wanna know what Bombay is all about!
Recommendations : Keema Pav, Fish/ Chicken Tikka, Mondegar's Special Steak Burger

2 . Leopold Cafe :
Leopold by this point has become a heritage of Bombay. Around since 1871, they serve some of the best Chinese/Indian cuisines you’ll ever have and they’re desserts are to die for! The ambience cannot be described in words, except to say that it’ll take you back to the 70’s-80’s era of Mumbai! (One can also view the bullet holes from the 26/11 attacks.)
Recommendations : Kung Pao Chicken, Mushroom Tikka, Chocolate Ecstasy

3 . Jia - The Oriental Kitchen : 
If you’re looking for anything oriental, be it Japanese, Chinese or Thai, Jia is the perfect spot for you! Also note, the have their ‘Express Sumeer Dim Sum and Sushi Lunch’ offer going on right now, which you absolutely do not wanna miss!
Recommendations: Sushi (!), Chocolate Dome, Crispy Konafah Prawns, and also, the aforementioned lunch!

4 . Bademiya’s : 
The one and only Bademiya’s is located right at the centre of the Colaba market. Rising into a large restaurant with multiple outlets from very humble beginnings, Bademiya’s has become a landmark for Mumbaikars. If you’re in the mood for some killer kebabs or rolls, especially in the middle of the night, then you definitely have to visit! 
Recommendations : Chicken Seekh Roll, Mutton Keema Roll and Biriyani!

5 . Delhi Darbar : 
Named after the legendary halls of Delhi, the food of Delhi Darbar certainly does justice to the legendary concepts of melting in your mouth kinda food that is said to have been served there! From there tandooris to their breads and gravies, everything has been on point for so long that it’s a point of comparison for everyone who’s ever been there. I beg you, don’t miss out on this one!
Recommendations : Rumali Roti, Chicken Tikka, Butter Chicken

WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan



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