Food In Movie Theatres [NEWS] Everything You Need To Know

Ever wondered why everything is so expensive in a movie theatre? Well, now the Government has come out asking the movie theatres to reduce their prices.

The PIL (Public Interest Litigation) was filed by Jainendra Baxi, a 39-year old filmmaker and writer. On Wednesday, Baxi’s lawyer, Aditya Pratap Singh, submitted in court that there does not exist any legal or statutory provision that prohibits one from carrying personal food articles or beverages inside movie theatres. To this, the HC replied by agreeing to the fact that these commodities are sold at extremely high rates and should be sold at market price.

So as of August 1st, moviegoers will be able to purchase food items at theatres at MRP.  And what’s more is that now you can take your own food to movie theatres, and they can’t stop you! But that does not mean that anything and everything should be taken to a movie theatre (more on that later.)

Due to this evident threat to the F&B revenues of theatres, which happens to be the second highest sector of revenue for multiplexes in Maharashtra, their stock value has been depreciating rapidly. According to the Economic Times,"Both PVR and Inox Leisure posted a 5% drop in their scrip on BSE on Monday. While PVR shares closed at Rs 1152.75 apiece, Inox shared ended the day at Rs 226.75 per share.”

After viewing this decision taken in Maharashtra, Municipal administration principal secretary Arvind Kumar says that he aims to introduce a similar concept in the Telangana state. Will we soon have this going all over the country?

This is actually not as much of a convenience that it has made out to be. PV Sunil, the manager of Carnival Cinemas told the ET,” Box office is not in the hands of the operator and advertising is dependent on footfalls. So F&B sale is important and if that gets affected for any reason, the business model will not function. The immediate option will be to increase ticket price as our rental cost is not going down. But that again is detrimental to the whole business and will reduce footfalls.”  

That basically means that in the near future, ticket prices might start going up.

The prices in all theatres in Maharashtra are supposed to drop starting August 1st, while the decision in Telangana is still being talked over. What we want to know is, what food and drinks you guys think should NOT be allowed into the theatres? Let us know your answers in the comments section below!

WRITTEN BY  - Aditya Mohanan



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