Food in Theatres [Telangana NEWS]

Hey there movie buffs! Here’s some news that will you a bring a sense of relief. Now make your movie watching experience, more pleasant and relaxing without having to worry about that enormous pull on the strings of your purse.

Yes, it’s true that now you can avail food items at the multiplexes in Hyderabad, at MRP, rather than exorbitant rates. Your movie watching experience can never be complete without some munchies, but due to the hiked-up prices of food items at the cinema halls, a lot of people had to hold up on their cravings. But not anymore, thanks to the Legal Metrology Department, that has responded to the piling complaints against this offensive act by the picture houses.

This law has been extended to not just the bigger multiplexes, but also the single-screen theatre canteens. According to this rule, all packaged food items including water bottles, cold drinks, chips and others will be sold at the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). The dual pricing on MRP’s will not be applicable to any food items, henceforth. There will be no different sizes of popcorn tubs available, any longer. It will all be the same and pricing will be according to the weight. The department has also, made it compulsory from September 1st, to print the price on the goods; and if any picture house is found violating the rule, then they will be heavily penalised.

Thus, Hyderabadi movie buffs are at relief, as watching movies in theatre are the favourite pass time, here and literally taken seriously. Hence, hogging on food at the theatres, too came in as a package, but because the stuff was way expensive, it had to be put on a leash. Unlike Maharashtra, Hyderabad is still contemplating on allowing outside food, within the theatre premises. This would take some time to figure out, but until then, lowering the rates of food items, available at the cinema houses, have made a lot of difference. Now, you can relish the overall experience once again.

It’s also mentioned that if people find that the rules are not adhered to, they can lodge the complaint on toll-free No 180042500333 or WhatsApp No.7330774444.

So, Hyderabad, take a back seat and enjoy the blockbusters!!

WRITTEN BY  - Chitranka Chowdhury



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