Foods To Look Forward To This Wedding Season

Do you have any wedding invites? What are you going to wear? Most importantly, are you excited for the food you’ll get to eat?
Don’t know about you, but I just attend weddings for the food. 2018 came with a burst of wedding food trends and these are some things that you can expect at the next Shaadi that you attend.

Miniature Snack Items

A bigger focus on starters so you have something to do till it’s time for the main meal. Mini quiches, mini tarts, mini paneer/chicken skewers or mini spring rolls- Small foods are in. It’s easy to eat and doesn’t cause a huge mess.

DIY counters

You can make your own salad/fruit salad, live pasta counters where you can control what goes into your pasta, or chaat counters where you can mix and match flavours that you fancy. The possibilities are endless!

Food Trucks

Outdoor weddings call for this trend. Food trucks, in general, have gained more spotlight this year, which leaves no reason for them to miss out on weddings. Maybe an Alcohol truck or a foot truck for starters or ice cream? Sounds fun, doesn’t it?

Unconventional Desserts

Sure, we still love Gulab Jamun and Ice cream, or jalebi and rabri but Weddings are all about showing your creative and expensive side, so you can expect stuff like motichoor cheesecake or paan cupcakes or gulab jamun cheesecake. Merging International flavours with desi sweets is a big thing right now.

Molecular Gastronomy

To end with a shock-n-awe, there some science for dessert. 
Your server asks you for your choice of flavour choice and pours out a liquid in to a bowl, leaving you questioning what you jus asked for. Then you see cold mist rise from the bowls and the liquid has turned into your ice cream! You get ice cream with a side of Molecular science!

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen



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