Geek out on Beer, as drinking is more fun when you are learning about it too!

Gateway Taproom
is hosting BEER-O-LOGY sessions every Wednesday where you can learn more about beers & show off to your friends next time! This beer tasting will really open up your mind to the world of craft beers and how enjoyable they are!


Ready your taste buds for a tasting of 4 freshly brewed craft beers with Indian beer geek and Gateway Brewery co-founder, Navin Mittal, who will take you through the history, trivia, making and style of each of the beers and tell you what makes them different from one another.
After geeking out on each beer, you get to pick your favourite and drink a glass of it along with 2 lip-smacking appetizers.



Biology may not have been a fun affair for you, but Beer-o-logy will be a walk in the park, or rather just your friends and you sitting on a comfortable couch at Gateway Taproom! So see you there.


When: January 10 - 31 (Every Wednesday)
Where: Gateway Taproom, BKC
Price: INR750

WRITTEN BY  - Aprtim Agarwal



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