Get The Best Of Nutella And Sea Salt Cookies At This Newest Outlet In Malad

Everyone old or young, loves cookies. Be it dunking it in your milk or eating it raw, cookies make everyone happy. The peeps at The Sweetish House Mafia
have launched a new outlet in Malad and you should go. 

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Sweetish House Mafia is now in Malad with a treat for all the cookie lovers. Head to the store to enjoy a discount of 20%* on all our cookies and beverages till 27th May. They offer a variety of cookies like Double Chocolate Chip, Smores, Oatmeal Cranberry cookies and much more. Our personal favorite is the Nutella sea salt cookie. If you want to indulge more, try their cookie sundaes. They are a complete treat to the soul. 

What Else
If you are craving something more, don’t miss out on their delicious shakes and the Cookie Slab Brownie. So head to their newest outlet and enjoy the offer.

WRITTEN BY  - Devanshi Shah



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