Getting high on nutmeg, it's more dangerous than you think!

Nutmeg is a spice that can be purchased at almost any grocery store. It is more commonly known in India as 'Jaifal' and is often used in traditional Indian cooking. However, people found out that if you have enough nutmeg, it causes intense hallucinations!

Getting High on nutmeg was a lesser known thing until it was showcased on the TV show Orange Is The New Black.

Nutmeg seeds contain a high amount of myristicin, the drug from which MDMA is metabolised. Nutmeg can be consumed as a seed or in powdered form. Since it is a legal substance that is sold to absolutely anyone, anxious teenagers are the ones who get into nutmeg abuse.

Nutmeg high is one of a kind. unlike most drugs that give you a short-term high, nutmeg takes around 12 hours to reach its full potential! For the first few hours, the consumer would feel light headed and warm. He soon starts hallucinating and that is when bad things start to happen. The myristicin in Nutmeg makes people paranoid. 

And imagine being paranoid while hallucinating! People have documented their experiences with nutmeg and most of them have said that they had nightmares for days because the high made them hallucinate some really disturbing things and fed on their fear. 

Apart from the mental toll, excess nutmeg also has an adverse effect on the body. Once the effects of nutmeg stop, that's when it starts hurting the body. It causes abdominal and chest pain, agitation, breathlessness, hyperactivity, increased body temperature, rapid pulse and bloodshot eyes.

The problem with teenagers who are looking for a quick high is that they ignore these side effects and end up falling sick. While nutmeg is completely legal, we strongly advise people not to abuse the substance unless you want to have a truly horrific experience!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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