Here's A List Of Famous Mangoes And How They Taste!!

There are around 30 types of Mangoes which are available solely in India. The insane variety of mangoes not only spoils us but also confuses us. And since it’s the mango season going on, here’s a list of mangoes which are famous and easily available in the market and the different characteristics of them.

Alphonsos- Ratnagiri/ Devgarh Hapus:
Alphonsos are one of the best in terms of quality of flavour and sweetness and also are one of the most expensive mangoes. This mango is the most loved and is exported in larger quantities.

Badami- Karnataka Alphonso:
Badami mangoes are known as the alphonsos of Karnataka as the flavour is very similar to the Ratnagiri alphonsos. It is the 2nd in line to liking of alphonso and tastes very similar. It's hard to tell them apart!

Chaunsa- North India:
Chaunsa is one of the sweetest mangoes grown in North India. They have a lovely golden colour with a blush of red. It is mainly produced in Mirpur Khas Sindh which is the Punjab in Pakistan.

Dasheri- Malihabad, Uttar Pradesh:
Dasheri is a delicious mango grown in the north parts of India. Malihabad is the largest producer of Dasheri along with other varieties of mangoes like chausa, fazli, lucknowa, jauhari and safeda.

Kesar- Saurashtra Gujrat:
Kesar mangoes are also simply called Gir Kesar because cultivar grown in the foothills of Girnar in the district of Junagadh and Amreli. This mango is known for it's bright orange colour pulp.

The Neelam mangoes grow around in many areas of India and are found in abundance in June. They are a favourite in Hyderabad and are also found in South India.

Tota Puri- South India:
Totapuri mangoes are found primarily in Andra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu. This type of mango comes with a sweet n sour flavour making it quite the snacking item this summer.

So this is our list of easily available in the market mangoes and we hope this list has made differentiating easy on you!! Eat Away!!

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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