Have you played Shot Roulette? Play Drinking games and get Shots at INR99 tomorrow!

Head to in The Little Door
 Andheri and for a Drinking Games night featuring games such as Drinking Ludo, Boozeball, Roulette shots and much more!

Know More:
Thursdays are the new Fridays. Binge will be hosting a night where you can unwind and unplug from the daily hustle and bustle and make new friends along the way. There will be a special shot menu of these games where you get each shot for INR99.

Get shots like Kamikaze (Vodka + Sweet & Sour), Redhead (Vodka + Wild Berries), Blew (Bacardi + Blue Curacao), Risky (Whisky + Orange Bitters), Ginty (Gin + Cucumber & Mint), Asspresso (Old Monk + Coffee).

Know More:
There is no ticket but we promise the night will be filled with fun games and that you’ll get home drunk. We will be there for sure, will you be?

Event Link: Drinkathon 
Date: Thursday, 16th Nov
Time: 8pm onwards
Cost: Free

WRITTEN BY  - Arth Jain arth@bingehour.com



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