Health Benefits of Mangoes

It’s the season of the Mangoes and it’s always advisable to consume fruits according to the season they’re in. This is not only extremely beneficial in terms of health but the true essesence and properties of the fruit are achieved in its season alone. The lesser your food travels the better which means consuming local produce is very healthy.

Mangoes come in many shapes and forms. They can be consumed in various ways in the forms from raw to ripe.

Here’s how Mangoes are so beneficial to our health:

Helps Fight the Heat Stroke- Drinking the juice made out of raw mango commonly known as ‘aam panna’ cools down our body and prevents from overheating of the summer.

Eye Health- The high content of Vitamin A in mangoes prevents night blindness and dry eyes. It also promotes better vision and healthier eyesight.

Prevent Asthma – In certain cases the rich in Vitamin C fruit helps battle and cure asthma making it a good remedy for a severe health concern.

Brain Health- Mango being a great source of iron and Vitamin B6, is one of those ideal foods for brain health. Iron aids the normal functioning of your brain and Vitamin B6 supports its cognitive development.

Skin Health- The skin is the largest organ of the body, and we seldom take care of it. Mangoes are rich in Beta- carotene and Vitamin A and these help in enriching skin health.

Treat Kidney Stones- The rich in Vitamin B6 helps reduce urinary oxalate. The potassium in mangoes is also found to lower the risk of Kidney Stones.

Improve Hair Health- Mangoes are rich sources of Vitamin C, and hence promote collagen production for healthy hair. If you have dull hair and are wondering how to make it shiny, include Vitamin A in your diet- it has scalp conditioning properties.

WRITTEN BY  - Aashka Parekh



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