Here are 5 Facts About Tabasco We Bet You Don’t Know!

It’s a Three Ingredient Magic Potion
Only three natural ingredients make this sauce perfect - peppers, vinegar, and salt. They may sound easy to replicate but don’t be fooled. The peppers are hand-picked and have never been genetically modified so they’re the same as the original peppers. The salt is from the salt mines of Avery Island.

Cologne Bottles Were Used For Packaging
Tabasco didn’t come in the iconic bottles they come in today. When founder McIlhenny made them, he used old cologne bottles for packaging. Since they had sprinkler fitments, the cologne bottles would make it easier for drops of hot sauce to be dispensed rather than being poured out at once.

One tiny bottle has Oodles Many
A two-ounce bottle has at least 720 drops. 60 drops in one teaspoon make for 12 teaspoons per bottle.

The Number at the Bottom Holds Importance
The number imprinted on glass at the bottom represents a mold number specific to each bottle, that is used by the company to maintain higher standards of quality control.

They’re Gluten-Free and Kosher!
Everyone can crave one as all seven signature Tabasco varieties are gluten-free and Kosher!

WRITTEN BY  - Bhagyashree Chunekar



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