Here Is How Micro Breweries Are Taking Over The Indian Alcohol Industry

The Alcohol Industry in India used to be highly monopolized. Indians have a certain affection towards particular brands when it comes to a certain type of drink. But that is mostly due to limited options available at a point of time.

But times are slowly changing and more and more Indian brews are stocking up on the Wine shop shelves. Alcohol is still a big taboo in India and anyone associated with the industry, be it a wine shop owner or the owner of a brewery is looked down upon.
Earlier, entering in the Alcohol industry was a big task. Its a huge risk to take and you had to deal with a lot of hurdles like marketing, packaging and our very efficient government! But in recent times, companies have been a little easier to set up, all thanks to the Internet. The internet also makes marketing and branding easy with the advent of social media.
If we just talk about beer, Kingfisher was our go to option until Bira came out with their brews. In just a matter of two years, Bira not only broke the market for beer but also became one of the highest consumed brands in India. All they did is have a fresh take on beer, something Indians hadn't tried before. It was bundled with quirky packaging and marketing!
After the success that Bira had, a lot of Indian breweries have started popping up. Indian brands are slowly getting recognition that too on an international scale. And Beer is not the only drink we are brewing here at home. A lot of craft Gin breweries like Stranger And Sons, Greater Than and Hapusa are now making craft Gin right here in India. Moonshine Meadery is also bringing out options such as apple cider mead and coffee mead! Fruzante Winery is making some really great Chickoo Cider!
As of now over 100 microbreweries are scattered across the country and each one has something unique to offer! This gives the Indian consumers a chance to try something other than their usual choice of alcohol. I am in full support of these breweries that are trying to change the Alcohol scene here in India and its about time the big brands of the industry realize that they need to make some changes.
And some of these brands are taking notes! Old Monk recently launched their Alcopops, a bottled version of classic rum based drinks. It is quite possible that we may see a lot of brands launching more options to their flagship drink.
But the real question here is, when will Patanjali launch their Gaumutra based alcoholic drink?!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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