Here is why coffee drinkers are better in bed!

Coffee and its properties have baffled researchers for years now. Each variety of coffee has something different to offer when it comes to helping the body. And now, researchers have found that Coffee drinkers are better in bed!

So here is how it works. Coffee increases female libido. It increases blood flow to female genitals and boosts their sex drive. Women who drink coffee even once a week have a stronger sex drive and coffee acts as an aphrodisiac for them.

Coffee has the same effect on men as it increases blood flow to your genitals. Men who drink coffee once a day are less likely to get erectile dysfunction! The right amount of coffee before getting busy will also act as a viagra, although it isn't as effective as pharmaceutical viagra.

A person needs a lot of stamina, flexibility and strength while having sex and it has been scientifically proven that Coffee is one of the best sources of instant energy! Many athletes and bodybuilders have a cup of strong coffee before their workouts and routines for an extra boost! Many people have started substituting their pre-workout supplement with coffee.

The number of researches done around coffee is absurd and some of these researches have led to some really interesting results. Coffee has been proven to make people smarter, the smell of coffee reduces stress and coffee drinkers are happier. Aren't these the qualities that you look for in a partner? 

So I guess its time to put down the fancy tea that you have been drinking and pick up a Cup-of-Joe!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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