Here is why Pune's Kata Kirr Misal is truly Jagat Bhaari!

Misal Pav is a dish that is loved by people all across Maharashtra but there is one specific Misal joint that Punekars swear by. In the heart of Pune, is where you will find the best misal in the world or as Punekars like to call it, "Jagat Bhari!"

Kata Kirr Misal opens at 8 AM everyday and its impossible to get a table here without waiting for at least 30 minutes. Misal Pav is basically a thick gravy made with pulses, beans and sprouts. A spicy curry is added to the sprouts and all of this is topped off with fried Farsan. The dish is served with warm freshly baked Pavs, finely chopped onions, coriander and a slice of lime. 

Every day, Punekars line up outside Kata Kirr for their share of the dish. Some people wait in line for over two hours! The Chef here is the owner of the restaurant who begins his meal preparation at 3 AM every day. One great thing about Misal is that it can be had as breakfast, an evening snack or an entire meal!

A plate of Misal here costs Rs.50 and is one of the spiciest curries sold in India. But the restaurants got you covered if you can't handle the spice. they serve Dahi for an additional cost and also serve Mattha, which is basically like Chaas without the Masala.

The Kata Kirr family doesn't like to measure their success in terms of the money they made. They want to serve a constant taste to Pune like they have been doing for the past few years. Their marketing solely relies on customer satisfaction and word of mouth. In a matter of years, the restaurant moved from a 20 seater garage space to a 1000sq feet restaurant. They have two other branches that have recently opened in the city.

The restaurant has become an integral part of Pune's food culture. My friends took me to this place for the first time and after taking the first bite of this dish, I had only one thing to say. Jagat Bhaari!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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