Here is why the Goan Chorizo Sausage is the ultimate bachelor meal!

Every time I enter goa, I head straight for a meal. And despite the local cuisine offering so many things to eat, the first thing I call for is the Goan Chorizo Pav!

The dish is a perfect representation of Indo-Portuguese Cuisine. Goan sausages are made with Pork as the base with a ton of spices. Pork meat is diced and soaked in a blend of spices and oil to turn it into some kind of uncooked pickle. The sausages are then fed in casings and are smoked for days to bring out all the aroma and taste that the meat hides within. 

Like we have Vadapav stalls in Mumbai, Goa has Chorizo Pav stalls! They serve pan-fried sausages stuffed in a Pav along with some freshly chopped onion and lime. Its one of the most heavenly meals on this planet for meat lovers. 

Goa has a really big Chorizo industry. A large chunk of Mapusa market is dedicated to homemade chorizo vendors. these ladies line up every day and sell their stock by KG! Apart from the homemade ones, there are quite a few companies that manufacture and package chorizos for distribution across the country. 

Now here is the best part of Chorizos. They are high in protein and are extremely delicious. the only downside is that they can fatten you up really quick! 

There are hundreds of ways in which you can cook Chorizos. Its like bacon, you can never go wrong. You can pan fry them and have them with Pav or Rotis. You can put them in a cooker with some onions and potatoes to make a really nice gravy. Add some water and rice to the same pot to make Chorizo pulao! boil some chorizos in the pot you are cooking to take your Maggi game to a whole new level! 

Chorizos are my quick fix for a party. I cook up some french fries, add chorizos, bacon and a ton of cheese to make a poutine that my friends will never forget!  So for bachelors who are looking for a quick, filling and protein filled meal, the Goan Chorizo is a great-affordable option! 

Chorizos are available online now and you can often find them at your local cold storage. The packets are around 180INR and have a shelf life of approximately 1 year if frozen! Try making them yourself or definitely give it a shot the next time you are in goa!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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