How British Chef William Harold died because of Bhel Puri!

First of all lets us agree on the fact that Bhel Puri is the easiest to eat, light yet filling and tasty evening snack! I for a matter of fact love a good Bhel when I'm taking the train back home. Bhel Puri has been a part of our culture since ages and it has a lot of stories surrounding it. 

This particular story dates back to the British Raj when Chef William Harold was sent to India during a war. Since he was an exceptional cook, he was made a personal cook of a high ranking officer.

This officer once got his hands on Bhel Puri. Britishers were astonished by Indian food and the spices we used. The Officer loved Bhel Puri so much that he asked William to find the recipe and mass cook the dish for his troops on the same day.

Since you couldn't ask Siri for Bhel Puri recipes back in the day, William went to a number of Bhel Puri vendors across the city asking them their recipe. Each vendor gave him a different recipe, different spices and different methods.

William was really confused so he went to the officer and told him that he cannot present the dish that day and that the troops would have to do with french fries once again.

The officer got so furious that he pulled out his handgun and shot the chef! This led to Mutiny among his soldiers as they loved William's cooking and were tired of the officer's cruel behaviour.

The Bhel Puri is such a humble dish, but it's shocking how it led to a cook's death!

WRITTEN BY  - Atharva lobo



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