I Took Buzzfeed Quizes As Shah Rukh's Movie Characters

It’s Shah Rukh Khan’s Birthday today and it is a HUGE deal for the people in our country. He has been an inspiration to SO many souls who wish to be in the entertainment industry and to others, he is Romance incarnate. So on this very special day, I decided to go back to some of his iconic characters and impersonate them and take BuzzFeed Quizzes because, why not?

What fruit is Shah Rukh from Mohabbatein?

Well, they got that right. He's super considerate and always thinking about you. Who knew a fruit could say so much about a person? What fruit are you?

What Dessert would Aman from Kal Ho Na Ho be? I'm guessing something that everybody loves.

What Pizza would Don be? What's a pizza that's too much for you to handle, a pizza that makes you wonder "what the hell is happening here!"?

Yow! You got that right. According to a lot of people, Don had a lot of sex appeal in the movies. Was it his attitude, his looks or his style? Or is it just because women like bad boys (do they really?)?

What Pasta would Rahul Be? I had to pick this quiz for this character because look at the first question and remember the love triangle.  What quality do you look for in a relationship Rahul? *ahem*

A Person who is unwaveringly himself. 

What do you think about how accurate these quizzes were about the King?

WRITTEN BY  - Shubhroja Sen shubhrojasen@bingedaly.in



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